mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Happy New Year

New Classes for the New Year at La Cuisine Verte

Soups: 13 Jan 2010

Clear or creamy, light or hearty - soups for every meal. Flavours and ideas from around the world are added to local seasonal produce.

Tubers: 19 Jan 2010 or 3 Feb 2010

Potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes, sweet potatoes

Celeriac: 23 Feb 2010 or 3 Mar 2010

Why the "ugly one" as celeriac growers call it, is a star. Find out about this versatile seasonal vegetable that can make anything from salad to chips!

All classes start at 10 am, include lunch with wine, and cost 50 euros. Maximum 4 people per session.

To book ring 05 62 70 02 21 or email

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